04 Civ 4454

 BackgroundWilliston v. Eggleston was filed in 2004, challenging New York City’s failure to process applications for food stamps and provide food stamps to eligible food stamp applicants within federally mandated time frames.  In April 2008, the Court approved a settlement, certifying a class and ordering the City to comply with federal and state deadlines for processing food stamp applications and providing food stamps, including expedited food stamp processing for those who are most in need, to eligible households who applied or will apply for food stamps through a Non Cash Assistance (NCA) Food Stamps Center.  The settlement also requires New York State to supervise the City’s compliance with federal timeliness requirements.

Current Status:  The Court retains jurisdiction over the case for four years, until 2012, during which time compliance is being monitored through regular reports to plaintiffs’ counsel demonstrating the timeliness of food stamp application processing.  In addition, individuals whose food stamp applications are filed at a NCA Food Stamps Center and are delayed may utilize an out-of-court relief mechanism to obtain a decision on their applications. (See individual relief form below.)

NYLAG Co-Counsel: National Center for Law and Economic Justice; Urban Justice Center