05 Civ 10446 (JSR)

Background: This class action was filed in 2005, challenging the wrongful denial of public benefits, including cash public assistance, food stamps and Medicaid, to certain categories of immigrants. The plaintiff class includes immigrant victims of domestic violence, individuals who are Permanently Residing under Color of Law (“PRUCOL”) and lawful permanent residents (green card holders). The Court granted Plaintiffs’ motion for class certification and a class-wide preliminary injunction in August of 2006, after which the parties negotiated a settlement of the case, which was approved by the Court. Pursuant to the settlement, the Court retains jurisdiction for four years (extendable to 7 years if plaintiffs can show systemic failure to comply with the terms of the agreement).

Current Status: Class members began to receive retroactive benefits in 2008. Plaintiffs are monitoring compliance and advocating for individual relief for members of the class. In January 2012, HRA sent a notice to certain class members regarding their possible eligibility for payment or reimbursement of past medical bills.

NYLAG Co-Counsel: Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP; Legal Aid Society