07 Civ 02876 (SDNY)

This class action was filed in April 2007 challenging Adult Protective Services’ systemic failure to provide mandated services to mentally and physically disabled adults who are unable to protect themselves from harm.  After significant discovery on class certification, the parties reached agreement on settlement of the entire case.  After holding a fairness hearing, the Court approved the settlement on January 11, 2012.

The Court retained jurisdiction over the case until July 2014.  During that time, the Defendant provided data to Plaintiffs so that they could monitor the Defendant’s compliance with the Stipulation of Settlement.  Further, class members experiencing individual problems with APS could then, and may still, seek assistance through the individual relief process established by the settlement agreement.

NYLAG Attorneys: Jane Greengold Stevens, Jennifer Magida, Sabrina Tavi

NYLAG Co-Counsel: Proskauer Rose LLP