The Immigrant Women’s Intervention Network (I-WIN) helps immigrant survivors of intimate partner violence and sexual assault in New York City. Attorneys provide culturally and linguistically competent legal assistance and other services to clients to help them overcome barriers and permanently escape their abusive situations.

Our goal is to ensure survivors understand their rights and can pursue tangible solutions to end the cycle of abuse. Staff members partner with community-based organizations to provide comprehensive services for survivors, especially in the Latina, Asian and South Asian communities.

If you are an immigrant woman living in any of the five boroughs, you may be eligible to receive free services from the project.

How can NYLAG’s Immigrant Women’s Intervention Network help you?

  • Legal advice and representation on the following matters:
    – Orders of protection
    – Contested and uncontested divorces
    – Child custody and visitation
    – Spousal and child support
    – Immigration cases
    – Trafficking
  • Referral for counseling and crisis intervention

The project’s services are completely free and confidential.