NYLAG’s Domestic Violence Appellate Representation Project (ARP) appeals domestic violence cases on behalf of battered women denied justice in lower courts.

Battered women often face complex legal and factual situations, and they may lack the ability and resources to present their cases effectively in family or divorce courts.  However, cases in which battered women have lost in lower courts are frequently overturned or sent back for new trials when appealed.  For many victims, the appellate process may be the only way to win protection under the law.

Free legal assistance programs in New York City cannot undertake many of the meritorious appeals on behalf of domestic violence victims.  Too often, pro bono and legal service attorneys simply lack the resources and finances to remedy these decisions at the appellate level.

NYLAG seeks to fill this gap.  ARP’s dedicated staff specializes in family law appeals on behalf of domestic violence victims and their children.

  • ARP accepts referrals from legal and social service programs assisting victims of domestic violence in New York.
  • Notices of appeal are filed immediately to preserve the right of appeal while ARP determines whether there are grounds, and whether the record is adequate, to support an appeal.
  • ARP’s Brief Bank holds high-quality briefs, motions, and trial memoranda for both appellate and trial cases to improve and facilitate existing legal practice.
  • ARP trains trial attorneys to handle appellate cases, expanding access of battered women to appeals of adverse decisions.