In the years since the collapse of the Soviet Union, NYLAG has helped thousands of Russian immigrants to naturalize.  Although few now arrive as refugees, NYLAG has developed an expertise in reaching this often isolated community and delivering critical services in many areas.

Most commonly, attorneys help with adjustments of status, which opens the door to various public benefits that can help refugees escape poverty. NYLAG also helps victims of domestic violence leave their abusers. Many immigrant women remain in abusive relationships because their partners threaten to have them deported if they try to leave. NYLAG attorneys specialize in drafting petitions on behalf of these victims.

Many Russian-speaking Jews who came over as refugees years ago are still separated from family members in their home countries.  NYLAG’s Immigrant Protection Unit works tirelessly to help these individuals reunite with their parents or children. Immigrants from the former Soviet Republics in Central Asia are an especially vulnerable group, often needing help in fighting removal proceedings.  NYLAG attorneys have extensive experience with complicated immigration situations and often take cases that other attorneys cannot handle.