NYLAG has teamed up with the Mayor’s office of Immigrant Affairs, the Brooklyn Public Library, the New York Public Library, the Queens Public Library, NYC Human Resources Administration, and the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City to provide legal help with citizenship applications at select public library branches. In addition to those services, NYCitizenship provides clients with the ability to see a NYLAG Financial Counselor.

Financial Counselors help clients ensure clients have filed their taxes and provide troubleshooting services in the event it was done incorrectly or not filed at all. They work with clients to set up an action plan to pay for the application fee as well as identify long-term goals and planning needs. The goal is to decrease any financial obstacle to becoming a citizen as well as to increase the chance of obtaining that “citizen premium” that typically comes with naturalization.

An appointment is required to receive these services. Please call 311 and say “citizenship appointment” or call the NYCitizenship Hotline at 212-541-4277. Financial counseling in this project is reserved for clients actively working with a NYCitizenship attorney towards naturalization.