Financial advice isn’t just for people with extra money to save or invest. In fact, it can be an indispensable resource to low-income individuals who are trying to find housing, get financially stable, or manage student loan debt. Low-income populations are especially vulnerable to predatory lending, for-profit colleges and alternative banking fees. In short, when you don’t have money or credit, services cost more which makes it harder to break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

That’s one of the reasons why we value our partnership with the Jewish Community Council for Greater Coney Island (JCCGCI). The JCCGCI has an Internship Placement Service (IPS) program which enrolls HRA-recipients into internships (paid, unpaid, and subsidized) based on the participant’s strengths, work experience and education. Those clients can engage in free financial counseling services and attend workshops with the goal to provide them with relevant advice and knowledge so they can topple financial barriers. As the JCCGCI job development team works with participants to help find and secure employment, the financial counseling services adapt to meet the changing needs of our clients.

Services are provided at three JCCGCI locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx.