NYLAG’s financial counselors and coaches offer free and confidential services to eligible clients who encounter short term financial crises and/or require long term financial planning. Our experienced financial professionals work directly with low-income clients who struggle to budget for and meet their basic financial expenses. Together, we organize their finances to meet their financial goals.

NYLAG empowers individuals and families navigating difficult financial situations in the midst of major life events including loss of employment, reduction in income, unexpected medical and hospital bills, disasters like Superstorm Sandy, domestic violence, housing/mortgage/foreclosure issues, and lack of credit or accrual of onerous credit card debt.

Financial Counseling staff also work directly with clients served by NYLAG’s legal assistance programs. For many individuals, legal and financial problems are often intertwined. However, when dealing with the aftermath of a legal issue, some clients may not consider or understand the benefits of long-term financial planning. Victims of fraud especially are wary of trusting strangers with their financial information.  By offering in-house financial counseling, NYLAG leverages the trust that clients have developed with their attorneys, who make the referrals.

The financial counselors teach clients how to budget new income resulting from legal interventions, such as increased public benefits or child support, in order to remain debt-free and financially independent.  Along with one-on-one counseling and coaching, NYLAG also offers financial literacy workshops on various topics.

Financial Counseling Services include:

  • Access to Banking and Financial Products
  • Credit Card Analysis and Negotiation
  • Access to Public Benefits
  • Debt Prioritization and Debt Collections
  • Budgeting, Expense and Money Management
  • Financial Goals: Setting and Prioritizing
  • Credit Reports & Credit Scores, Establishing and Improving Credit
  • Financial Document Organization
  • Mortgages and Loan Modification Review

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The New York Legal Assistance Group and The Muriel F. Siebert Foundation, Inc. are pleased to promote financial literacy through www.learnmoney.org, a web resource that provides people with the basic tools of personal finance. This site provides a starting point for people looking for information about managing their money, controlling spending, investing for the future, protecting assets, and maintaining good credit.