The Evelyn Frank Legal Resources Program (EFLRP) provides legal services to hundreds of elderly clients each year, helping them navigate the complex systems that provide access to health care and home care. The Program also trains hundreds of social workers, health care providers, and other professionals throughout the State, arming them with information and advocacy strategies. EFLRP was launched by Selfhelp Community Services, Inc., and since its inception has been led by Valerie J. Bogart, a recognized public interest attorney and leading expert in Medicare and Medicaid policy. In 2013, EFLRP joined NYLAG under Bogart’s continued leadership, enhancing the ability of the merged organization to advocate for and provide legal representation to low-income elderly and disabled New Yorkers.

 EFLRP uses a combination of tools to safeguard the right to health care:

  • Legal education to train legal, social services and heath care professionals on the complex rules for Medicaid, Medicare, and Medicaid home care services, techniques to access Medicaid and home care services, and other topics
  • Technical assistance to professionals who call or e-mail our hotline for advice on individual cases
  • Public Policy to protect access to critical Medicaid benefits and, in particular, to home care services that enable people with disabilities of all ages to live in their homes and avoid institutionalization
  • Direct representation of vulnerable clients to challenge unfair denials of vital services
  • Public education through the NY Health Access website, a joint project established in 2009 with The Legal Aid Society and Empire Justice Center

Who was Evelyn Frank?

Evelyn Frank was a dedicated legal services lawyer in California, who for 17 years challenged cutbacks in that state’s Medicaid program affecting seniors, people with disabilities and children.  She died in 1993 at the age of 46.  Her father, the late Hans Frank, was a Holocaust survivor, a founding partner of the law firm of Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP, and a longtime Board member and supporter of Selfhelp Community Services, Inc., as well as a founding member of NYLAG’s Board of Directors. After she passed away, Hans Frank established the Evelyn Frank Legal Resources Program in her memory.

The Evelyn Frank Legal Resources Program is a leader in:

  • Protecting the right of Holocaust survivors to retain the compensation paid by Germany when they obtain Medicaid and other federal benefits,  without having to spend down their reparations  (Click here for our web page on these protections.)
  • The complex Medicaid managed long term care program that changed how seniors and people with disabilities can access long term care services in their homes  (Click here for information and news updates.)
  • Supplemental Needs Trusts that enable people with disabilities that qualify for Medicaid without impoverishing themselves  (Click here for more information.)
  • Many other health access issues: visit the NY Health Access website

To contact the Evelyn Frank Legal Resources Program please call (212) 613-7310 or e-mail [email protected]

The Evelyn Frank Legal Resources Program is made possible in part by a grant from The New York Bar Foundation.

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