About Consumer Protection

NYLAG Consumer Protection attorneys advocate on behalf of clients who are facing identity theft, debt collection scams, illegal debt collection practices, and harassment. They work not only to resolve the immediate problem, but also to advocate for long-term security for victims and their families The Unit has several innovative sub-projects that are tailored to help vulnerable populations, including a comprehensive foreclosure prevention program, representation of litigants summoned by debt collectors to New York City’s Civil Courts, and services for individuals facing a range of financial crises.

Areas of support include:

  • Identity theft
  • Debt collection scams
  • Credit card, medical, and other collection advice and representation
  • Student loan debt defense
  • Unjust foreclosures

Bankruptcy Counseling

NYLAG provides bankruptcy counseling through a holistic legal assessment of the client’s financial position. NYLAG also helps prepare petitions, offers guidance throughout the process, and attends bankruptcy Court hearings.

New York City Office of Financial Empowerment

NYLAG provides legal support, advice and guidance to NYC Financial Empowerment Center (OFE) counselors and clients on consumer financial legal matters with a particular emphasis on student debt. NYLAG accepts client referrals from designated City Financial Empowerment Centers for both in-depth legal advice and legal representation. The OFE, operating within the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, educates, empowers, and protects New Yorkers with low incomes so they can build assets and make the most of their financial resources.