Balancing the scales of justice

Why does Lady Justice have a set of scales?

The scales of justice symbolize the idea of the fair application of the law, with no influence of bias or privilege.

But is the legal system actually fair?

The legal system can be complex and unfair. Other systems – such as housing and immigration – that interact with our legal system are wrought with disparate treatment, socioeconomic barriers, and racism.
These systemic inequities make it all the more difficult for people experiencing poverty, and who face complex legal challenges within these systems, to get equal access to justice.

What can help to ensure the scales of justice are more equally balanced?

At NYLAG, we provide free civil legal services to ensure the scales of justice are more equally balanced for children, adults, and families experiencing poverty. We know that the assistance of a legal representative can make justice possible.

Help us balance the scales of justice:

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Housing is a human right

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