“I pledge to rethink credibility”

By signing, I pledge to be part of the solution to  rethink how our society and legal system assess the credibility of a domestic violence survivor’s story.

Whether I am a judge, lawyer, advocate, survivor, or simply care about this issue I understand that I can be part of the solution to make justice less elusive for survivors.

I commit to learning more about the impact of racism, trauma and poverty. I am open to learning and challenging biases I may have that can contribute to survivors not being believed. When I see biases in others, I commit to calling them in to open a conversation.

I stand with survivors and and committed to making our society and legal system a better place for them.

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#RethinkCredibility highlights how the  legal system’s failure to understand the intersections of racism, poverty, and trauma often results in a denial of justice for domestic violence survivors.

Speak out

Share your stories and insights using the hashtag #RethinkCredibility.

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