December 10, 2018

The Trump Administration has proposed changing a rule (called the public charge rule) for immigrants applying for a green card that would discourage people from enrolling in life-saving programs, including SNAP (i.e. food stamps), Medicaid, and housing assistance.

The proposed changes to the public charge rule are yet another thinly veiled tactic to unfairly target immigrant communities and force them into the shadows. At a basic human level, the proposed regulation is cruel. It would place countless immigrants—parents, providers, children, our elders, those with disabilities—in untenable positions by penalizing them for receiving needed public benefits that assist in meeting basic human necessities such as food, housing and medical care. It is also unlawful, would be impossible to implement, and runs contrary to our fundamental American values.

We at the New York Legal Assistance Group believe in a humane immigration system, and we strongly urge the administration to promptly withdraw the proposed rule. To that end, we have released public comment to the Administration outlining the many ways this would be disastrous for our immigrant clients. You can read the public comment in full here