NYLAG Testifies In Support of Reliable Internet Access In Homeless Shelters

Those experiencing homelessness are trapped in a vicious web of idle economic resources and involuntary dependency due to the lack of reliable access to the internet. NYLAG testifies to bridge the “digital divide” and the broadband access gap in our society. Below is an excerpt from our testimony:

“The inability of our city’s most vulnerable populations to access the internet is not a new problem, but one that has become catastrophic for our homeless population since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our clients find themselves stranded in the shelter system, unable to apply for apartments and jobs, and unable to access critical benefits while their children are unable to participate in online education. Our clients cannot access medical care short of a visit to the emergency room and our mentally ill clients have no access to vital mental health services during one of the most trying times in our nation’s history. Now, more than ever, New York City’s homeless population needs reliable access to the internet in their shelters.”

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