Testimony: VA services

NYLAG Testifies about City Funding for Veterans Services

Senior Supervising Attorney Ryan Foley testified before the New York City Council Committee on Veterans, advocating for the expansion of the Legal Services for Veterans Initiative. Below is an excerpt from the testimony: 

“A veteran seeking help with an eviction will work with attorneys who have been provided trainings not only on housing benefits specific to veterans, but also on military and veteran cultural competency. And veterans seeking help obtaining VA disability benefits are screened for all available public benefits, including Social Security and Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, to ensure they are receiving all the resources they are entitled to. It is this combination of experienced veteran attorneys both inside the VA and in the community, working within a large and knowledgeable organization dedicated to social justice, which enables NYLAG to provide the highest quality assistance to the veteran population.”

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Picture of a Council Member

Council Member

Francisco Moya

Picture of a NYLAG attorney

NYLAG’s Supervising Attorney

Abby Biberman

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