A new program has launched that introduces new employees to NYLAG over breakfast in a welcoming, informal setting.  Spearheaded by Human Resources and in collaboration with staff members from across the agency, the gatherings feature an overview of NYLAG presented by Beth Goldman, President and Attorney-in-Charge, and brief remarks by paralegals, attorneys and support staff from across the organization. Attendees then shift to smaller cross-unit groups to break the ice and get to know each other. Each newcomer meets an assigned “buddy”, a staff volunteer, who serves as their personal go-to person as they settle in – providing information and advice about everything from internal processes to where to go in the neighborhood for a quick and affordable lunch. New breakfast sessions will be held on a quarterly basis.

new hires group 012017

58 new hires have attended the program so far. Here we introduce you to three of them.

meghan hudson headshotMeghan Hudson, Financial Counselor
Financial Counseling Division

When I moved to NYC three years ago, I was working with domestic violence survivors in a non-profit. I went to a lot of workshops many of which were facilitated by NYLAG. Later I spent a year with the Manhattan Family Justice Center, where I worked closely with the NYLAG immigration team onsite. They were very responsive to the clients and took the time to answer questions I had regarding benefits. I appreciated the fact that they would lend me their time and expertise despite working for a different agency. I also really liked them as people. When I saw the position available, I spoke to some of my colleagues in confidence and realized how much they enjoyed working for the agency and how respected NYLAG has within the service provider community. When I had my interview with my supervisors, I couldn’t help but feel at ease and a connection. It felt like we were all here for the same reasons and passionate about helping low income and vulnerable New Yorkers.

edward mostoller headshotEdward Mostoller, Staff Attorney
Consumer Protection Unit

I was born and grew up in Birmingham, AL, but my family is largely from upstate New York and Detroit. As far as I know, I am the first lawyer in my immediate family. I learned about NYLAG from a serendipitous run-in with NYLAG’s table at the PILC fair in 2014, which led to an unexpected phone call from my supervisor, Rose Marie Cantanno, and then an internship spanning the summer of 2014 through the spring of 2015. I wanted to work at NYLAG because of its renown in the courts and the local legal services community, and the unique diversity and scope of practice areas the organization covers. I also knew from my previous experience as an intern that the attorneys and staff here are not only of a decidedly high caliber, they are supportive and would provide a well of knowledge and experience for me to draw upon as a young lawyer.

helen murphy headshotHelen Murphy, Director of Philanthropy

I grew up in Kansas. I have one brother, who has Down syndrome, so I first learned the power of advocacy by watching my parents fight to get him what he needs. Even though my immediate family is small, my mom is one of eleven siblings so I’ve never experienced anything close to a quiet holiday. Although I’m in fundraising now, I’m a social worker by training. I first learned of NYLAG while doing advocacy work with families navigating the NYC special education system. As a social worker, I knew NYLAG to be responsive, effective, and to treat clients with a great deal of dignity and compassion. With so much changing in the world, I wanted to be somewhere that was really making a difference. I’m excited by the idea of working alongside committed and intelligent people, and thrilled that my role allows me to share the amazing work each unit is doing. I’m energized by the many opportunities to advance our mission by growing our community of supporters.