Based out of the Kings County District Attorneys office, Project Eden raises awareness of domestic violence in the Orthodox community. It has helped create an environment where victims can access and utilize valuable legal services that are culturally-sensitive and extend beyond criminal justice interventions. Project Eden partners include Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, Ohel Family & Children’s Services and the Kings Co DA’s Office.

Project Eden’s success in helping clients through a seamless system of referrals, legal consultation, and representation is what first led the David Berg Foundation to fund the project in 2007. The Project’s continued success has led the David Berg Foundation to approve a renewal of this funding for the next two years. Project Eden will now be able to continue providing legal services and educational opportunities for Jewish victims.

In a recent Project Eden case, dedicated FLU attorney Kate Wurmfeld represented Mrs. T. in a family court action in which her husband was seeking to enforce a visitation order from an Israeli Court, arguing that she had consented to jurisdiction by requesting a GET (Jewish Divorce) in that court. Ms. Wurmfeld filed a motion to dismiss, arguing that because there was a final order of custody from the Brooklyn Family Court, Israel did not have jurisdiction to issue such orders under the Uniform Child-Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA).

The Court granted the motion to dismiss and not only affirmed the arguments regarding jurisdiction, but strongly agreed that Mrs. T had no choice but to travel to Israel to obtain a GET and that her Husband was now attempting to re-litigate the custody case in a forum more favorable to him. Mrs. T’s husband has indicated that he will appeal this decision, and NYLAG’s Appellate Representation Project will defend it.