Pro bono attorneys Elizabeth Daly, Amy Wollensack and Nirav Shah, associates at Kirkland & Ellis LLP, recently partnered with FLU to obtain a 5-year order of protection and favorable divorce settlement for a NYLAG client struggling to rebuild her life after previous struggles with mental health issues.

Ms. H contacted NYLAG for help with a divorce from her abusive husband. After working with her, the Kirkland & Ellis pro bono team realized that an order of protection might also be in Ms. H’s interest because her husband continued to pose a danger to her.

The addition of an order of protection created complications within the case, changing it from an uncontested divorce to a contested divorce. It took more than 11 months, and multiple court appearances before the judge finally ruled in favor of Ms. H. She was granted a 5-year order of protection and the divorce settlement will be finalized within the month. Thanks to the assistance from her legal team, Ms. H can now leave her abusive marriage behind her and move on with her life.

FLU staff attorney Kirsten Brodsky provided mentoring support throughout the case, which the Kirkland & Ellis attorneys found very helpful. “We couldn’t have done it without NYLAG guiding us through the process,” Ms. Wollensack said.

The Kirkland & Ellis attorneys all feel that working with Ms. H has been a very rewarding experience. ”When you represent a lot of large corporate clients like we do, it is a very positive experience to also be able to represent an individual client like her ” said Mr. Shah. Ms. Daly added, “She was very happy with the judge’s ruling, and it was a pleasure working with her.”