Recently NYLAG entered into two extraordinary agreements to provide legal assistance to low-income immigrants. In July 2008, two of the largest immigrant services organizations in New York stopped providing legal services. After years of service, the New York Association for New Americans (NYANA), was forced to close down due to financial reasons. In addition, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), closed its legal services division. Through agreements with HIAS and NYANA, IPU committed to take on the cases of thousands of New York immigrants. IPU rescued 5,500 of HIAS and NYANA’s cases. In addition, HIAS shifted its local immigration services to NYLAG, where individuals can receive free legal services.

This was a noteworthy indication of the outstanding work done by IPU and an expression of approval by our peers. In a time of great need, IPU showed true leadership and commitment to helping vulnerable immigrants during these difficult economic times. The Director of IPU, Irina Matiychenko, stated that, “IPU will continue to strive to ensure that all people in need receive high-quality legal services.”