This spring, FLU continued its commitment to helping educate providers of legal services by conducting a training on securing legal guardianship of mentally retarded and developmentally disabled persons. Petitions for legal guardianship, called “Article 17A” proceedings, allow family members and caretakers to ensure the rights of the mentally retarded and developmentally disabled persons for whom they care.

With Sidney Cherubin of the Brooklyn Bar Association’s Volunteer Lawyers Project, FLU attorney Amy Hozer trained a group of twenty pro bono lawyers the lawyers received Continuing Legal Education credit for their participation. Ms. Hozer developed her expertise in Article 17A when she worked at The Family Center.

This training was the kickoff event for the Brooklyn Bar Volunteer Lawyers Project’s new Article 17A initiative. Simple and rewarding, these cases are an excellent introduction to pro bono work. After Ms. Hozer’s training, more than a dozen pro bono lawyers signed up to participate in the program.