Pro bono attorney Alexis Hunter, an associate practicing commercial law and white collar defense litigation at Howrey, LLP, recently partnered with FLU to win a favorable child support settlement for a disabled NYLAG client.

After Ms. C. became disabled, she found that the child support payments she was using to help raise her son were no longer enough.

She went to Court twice seeking to raise her payments, but found herself frustrated by the system and still unable to provide her son with necessities, let alone medical insurance for health problems he had experienced.

NYLAG referred Ms. C. to Howrey. Ms. Hunter represented Ms. C. in several court appearances, and negotiated a favorable settlement increasing Ms. C’s child support payments from $302.00 per month to $650.00 per month and requiring the father to provide health insurance for his son.

Ms. Hunter said that doing pro bono work for NYLAG was rewarding on multiple levels:

“This case had a little bit of everything for me: it had the heartwarming story of a woman trying to do what was best for her child and herself, it had the opportunity to get into court to actually conduct a hearing, to negotiate settlement with opposing counsel…I think ultimately [this experience] will help to make me a better lawyer.”

Ms. Hunter added that NYLAG had been a useful and supportive resource:

“Antoinette [Delruelle, Esq.] was very helpful all along the way…I would encourage my colleagues to take on similar cases.