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Job discrimination is an LGBTQ issue

By Heather Betz

June is Pride Month and in NYC we’re gearing up for a historic World Pride March & Stonewall 50 celebration this weekend.

As people take to the streets to celebrate and to advocate, I want to draw your attention to the issue of employment discrimination against LGBTQ people:

1 in 4

LGBTQ employees report experiencing discrimination in the last five years


the unemployment rate for transgender individuals is three times the national average


of LGBTQ workers report being closeted at work

We see these numbers mirrored in our work, as clients continue to come to us with heartbreaking stories of workplace discrimination.

Without a lawyer, workplace abuses can go unchallenged. Our clients can’t afford to hire private attorneys and alone are no match for the legal teams representing employers. We’re proud to have our clients’ backs to ensure that they can work with dignity and respect.

Heather Betz is the Director of NYLAG’s LGBTQ Law Project. 

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