The following titles link to PDFs of key documents from the case Matter of Schneiderman v. Juarez, et al., which effectively closed the International Immigrants Foundation (IIF) and International Professional Association (IPA) and ultimately resulted in the Immigrant Restitution Fund.

Complaint: On January 14, 2010, by the New York State Office of the Attorney General (OAG) filed a complaint against the International Immigrants Foundation, Inc. (IIF), the International Professional Association, Inc. (IPA), and their principal, Edward Juarez, for defrauding immigrants with false promises of citizenship and residency, engaging in the unauthorized practice of law, illegally charging exorbitant fees for services, and violating laws governing not-for-profit corporations. Click here to read the Complaint.

Stipulation of Settlement: Attorney General Eric Schneiderman secured a settlement to resolve this matter. The May 30, 2013, Stipulation of Settlement outlines the terms of the settlement. The settlement requires the creation of a fund to be used to provide restitution to former clients who received legal services from IIF/IPA. Click here to read the Stipulation of Settlement.