ICE should not be at recent protests

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In response to the current protests for racial justice and denouncing police brutality, the federal government has deployed ICE and Customs Border Protections (CBP) officials to put down these protests and demonstrations. NYLAG’s Director of Immigrant Protection, Jodi Ziesemer offers the following response:

“It’s an irresponsible and disproportionate response for the federal government to deploy ICE and Customs Border Protections (CBP)— as makeshift enforcement—to the current demonstrations and protests. Not only is it not their official role, these agencies are known to engage in violent and deceptive practices in order to incarcerate immigrant communities that are largely of color. While government officials have promised they are not there to act as immigration enforcement, this is clearly an intimidation tactic. Their very presence sends the opposite message and creates an unsafe and hostile environment for immigrants who are exercising their right to speak out against racial injustice. NYLAG calls for the removal of ICE and CBP from the ongoing protests.”


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