Foreclosure Prevention

Preserving affordable homeownership.

People with low incomes work for years to secure a home of their own. Loss of a home through foreclosure can be devastating and leave individuals and families with no option for affordable housing. Those facing foreclosure are targeted for scams that promise relief to desperate homeowners, often charging them thousands of dollars and providing no results. NYLAG attorneys work with homeowners to keep them in their homes through litigation, fraud prevention, and community outreach.


foreclosures prevented last year


people remained in their homes because of NYLAG’s intervention last year


Our lawyers fight for homeowners. We offer the following legal services:

  • Representing clients in foreclosure litigation
  • Assisting with loan modifications
  • Navigating short sales/deeds in lieu
  • Fighting deed theft and modification scams through affirmative litigation
  • Assisting with reverse mortgages
  • Resolving tax and water liens

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Public Benefits & Homeless Shelter Access Amid COVID-19

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