We help patients with chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes access lifesaving resources. NYLAG cared for Marla and her son, improving their hazardous housing conditions and stabilizing their health.

When she came to NYLAG, Marla had just been evicted. She was living in a mouse-and-roach-infested shelter with her adult son, who has Type 1 diabetes and is insulin-dependent. His condition is so severe that he requires constant monitoring and cannot live alone. The shelter had no cooking facilities, and Marla’s son could not maintain his diet, which resulted in him being hospitalized in a diabetic crisis.

NYLAG successfully advocated for an emergency transfer to a 2-bedroom shelter apartment with proper cooking facilities so that Marla could prepare appropriate meals. Simultaneously, the family’s benefits were cut off and Marla could no longer buy her son’s medications. NYLAG succeeded in getting these benefits restored and Marla is now able to give her son the care he needs.