Maria and DavidMaria and David, two young artists trying to make it in New York City, had reached the end of their five-year marriage. Maria wished to return to Russia where she grew up, and the couple needed to untangle their finances. The Divorce Mediation Project at NYLAG helped Maria and David reach an agreement that met their needs and that both felt was fair. NYLAG helped them find outside consulting attorneys, who advised them of their rights and obligations, and reviewed their agreement for a low fee that they could afford. Maria, struggling to begin again in her home country, was able to leave the marriage with money to start her new life and, both parties received a binding and enforceable separation agreement that had been reviewed and edited by experienced attorneys.

From Maria:

“NYLAG’s services exceeded my expectations. The team that handled our case was very professional and experienced in the field, and proved to be tremendously helpful during a difficult time.”

From David:

“NYLAG provided us an invaluable service in mediating our legal separation. The lawyers we worked with were highly knowledgeable, insightful and sensitive, and they took the time to really understand the details of our case. I would highly recommend them!”