LouLou is a retired NYPD officer who lives with his wife and invalid mother in Long Beach. The family’s home was badly damaged by Sandy, and within days mold caused by extensive flooding began to spread. Concerned in particular about his mother’s health, Lou hired a contractor whose ads he had seen papering the neighborhood. The contractor seemed legitimate but required a $10,000 cash payment up front, which Lou paid, depleting his life’s savings. It did not take long to see that the workmanship was shoddy, the mold continued unabated, and he had been ripped off. As a result of the poor living conditions, his mother’s health deteriorated further.

He first met NYLAG when the Mobile Legal Help Center was in his neighborhood offering free legal assistance. NYLAG attorneys helped Lou file a police report on the contractor and issued a formal written complaint with the New York State Attorney General’s office. The attorneys successfully mediated on Lou’s behalf and recovered his money in small claims court. Now, Lou, his wife and mother can move on and begin to rebuild their lives.

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