FainaFaina is a 68-year-old immigrant from the Former Soviet Union who shares a one-bedroom apartment with her husband. Living solely on an income of Social Security and Food Stamps, the elderly couple faced great difficulty affording their $1,135 monthly rent and had fallen several months behind. With the assistance of a local community center, they received a voucher for Section 8 housing assistance. Their landlord refused to accept the voucher, and the center referred Faina to NYLAG. NYLAG advocated on their behalf with their landlord, and after those efforts failed, NYLAG filed a discrimination claim with the New York City Human Rights Commission. As a result of NYLAG’s efforts, the landlord now fully complies with Section 8 housing requirements enabling the couple to apply a monthly voucher in the amount of $905 to offset their rent.

With NYLAG’s help, Faina and her husband are no longer living under the threat of eviction.