George SaundersWe saw a lot of discord in our country this year. The civil unrest in Ferguson, New York City and elsewhere; the ongoing stalemate in Washington; the ever widening gap between rich and poor. These and the many other societal problems we face are deeply troubling, and fixing them will not be easy. But as the year winds down and a new one begins, I remembered this speech delivered by the writer George Saunders at Syracuse University’s commencement. Since a new year is a commencement of sorts, I thought I would share it with you. It is a lovely piece of writing, with a very simple message. Mr. Saunders suggests that people take up the habit of exercising kindness as early in their lives as possible. It is not a commodity that runs out, and the more we practice it, the more we seem to have of it.

I hope you enjoy Mr. Saunders words, and I wish you and yours a wonderful New Year — filled with kindness.

Blog Post by Yisroel Schulman
President & Attorney-in-Charge