With broad communal support, earlier this month, the New York State Senate and Assembly passed a Judiciary budget that includes funding for 20 more Family Court judges. The Legislature, along with the Governor and the Judiciary are to be commended for respecting the needs of people who have no choice but to seek help in Family Court to resolve the most basic and critical problems in their lives. Unfortunately, as yesterday’s New York Law Journal article points out, although the State budget includes the funding for these new judges, creating the positions is another hurdle altogether.

Every day public interest attorneys — from my organization and many others representing poor and low-income clients in Family Court — see firsthand the toll taken because of the shortage of judges. As the below video shows, children in foster care wait to be returned to their families, victims of domestic violence remain at risk, and critical support payments are delayed. I am confident, despite past inaction, that this time there is the will and the bi-partisan support for the Legislature to agree on the distribution of the new judgeships, and address the crisis in our Family Court system.

NYLAG is a member of the coalition that helped bring this issue to the attention of our lawmakers. Join us on social media to ensure that our victory in the budget is successfully translated to the bench.

Blog Post by Yisroel Schulman
President & Attorney-in-Charge