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An accident brought me closer to my clients

By Valerie Bogart

As you may know, I was hit by a car this spring. I fractured my elbow and pelvis and was admitted to a hospital for immediate surgery. The recovery has been far from relaxing.

Dealing with “no-fault” insurance has been absolutely exhausting. Despite being an insurance expert, I could not overcome an insurance denial of “acute” rehab and instead went to a sub-acute rehab for nearly a month. I am on the mend now and working part-time, but there is still a long road ahead to full recovery.

My accident gave me the rare opportunity to experience the challenges our clients face every day. I’m more committed than ever to the fight for just health care for all.

I got just a small taste of what our clients go through when they attempt to access care. No one should have to go through that alone. That’s where NYLAG comes in. 

Last year, we secured $687,978 in ongoing yearly home health care services. Overall, NYLAG’s Evelyn Frank Legal Resources Program has a 95% success rate on representation in fair hearings – defeating threatened reductions or denials of Medicaid and home care.

I’m grateful for the support I received from my colleagues inside and outside of NYLAG. And I’m even more grateful for the opportunity to support seniors and people with disabilities who have gone through something similar to what I experienced. 

Valerie Bogart is Director of NYLAG’s Evelyn Frank Legal Resources Program, which helps seniors and people with disabilities access medical care

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