NYLAG is a member of the New York Coalition to Stop Credit Checks in Employment, calling for the passage of legislation in New York City that would restrict the use of credit reports in hiring decisions.

It is unjust to base employment decisions on poor credit often brought upon by the recession, a catastrophic illness, a divorce, or other life events out of one’s control. There is no evidence that a person’s credit history has anything to do with work performance. Credit-history screening eliminates opportunities for millions of workers and their families ”” and also hurts employers by reducing the pool of talented, motivated workers who can build businesses and strengthen our economy. Job-related credit screenings also perpetuate discrimination against minorities, students and immigrants, who have been long victimized by predatory and deceitful lending practices that lead to mounting debt and poor credit. Read NYLAG’s full position on our blog, Public Interest First.

Update: April 13, 2015: The NYC Coalition to Stop Credit Checks in Employment commends New York City for taking action to end employment credit checks. This week, the City Council is expected to pass the Stop Credit Discrimination in Employment Act (Intro 261). Read the full statement.