NYLAG, along with a broad coalition of LGBTQ organizations, has endorsed the #Not1More Deportation campaign calling upon President Obama to suspend the high rates of deportation that too often lead to harsh treatment and deportation for LGBTQ immigrants. The campaign includes a series of marches and protests occurring on April 4th and 5th across the country.

Under the current system of detention and deportation, LGBTQ immigrants, in particular transgender women of color, experience violence, rape, deprivation of necessary medical care, psychological torture, and solitary confinement. A recent US Government Accountability Office study demonstrated that transgender women survivors made up 20% of substantiated sexual assault claims in immigration detention. The detention conditions they face are so severe that many LGBTQ immigrants who qualify for asylum under existing law simply give up and accept deportation rather than continue to fight for their rights. Too many transgender women of color are also deported because of biased policing based on race, sexual orientation, and/or gender identity.

NYLAG joins with other immigrant and LGBTQ rights organizations in urging swift action to right a wrong that is senselessly harming innocent people.