NYLAG has a long history of working with consumer advocates in calling for further protections in Medicaid Managed Long Term Care. Since 1997, New York Medicaid recipients have had the option of enrolling in privately-operated managed care plans to obtain home care and other long-term care services. In 2011, the State decided to make these plans mandatory for all “dual eligibles” (those receiving Medicare and Medicaid) seeking community-based long-term care. As a result of this policy, tens of thousands of people with disabilities and frail elderly individuals who were already receiving home care services had to transition from the prior fee-for-service model into MLTC plans. NYLAG attorneys have been the most vocal representatives of consumers’ voices from 2011 through the present, urging the State to take further measures to protect this vulnerable population from disruption of care. This policy has had far-reaching implications for the due process rights of Medicaid recipients, because now their eligibility for government benefits is being determined by a private company, rather than by a government agency. NYLAG continues to pressure the MLTC plans and State and Federal governments to make meaningful reforms to protect consumers and taxpayers in this vast privatization of the public health insurance safety net.  Click here to read more on NYLAG partner site New York Health Access.