4 Tips to Improve your Money Habits

When it comes to your finances, a very big component is your money habits. By this we mean, what are some positive habits you already have and how can we build on them and what are your negative habits and how can we address them.

A positive money habit is saving money every paycheck. Another one is always reviewing your bank and credit card statements. A negative money habit is spending money without thinking about your budget or regularly overcommitting to spend money. 

When it comes to changing habits, you’ll need to monitor it. If you don’t, you’ll likely not recognize it and won’t change. Work with your financial counselor to help set up a system to monitor your negative habits and think through how you can replace those habits. 


  1. Accountability is key. Set regular appointments with a financial counselor to make sure you are working towards your goals
  2. Take action as soon as possible, especially when there are significant changes in your life. You can start making changes right away but it is especially important to review your habits when your start a new job or your income changes.
  3. Start small. Though there’s a lot you want to accomplish, things won’t change overnight.
  4. Figure out what in your environment is causing bad habits to continue or get in the way of creating new habits. For example, if you are receiving emails announcing sales or encouraging you to buy, this will make it more difficult to save. If you walk by a bakery every morning, the smell of freshly baked bread might be too much to resist. Cancel those emails and find another route.

Want to discuss your money habits or learn tools to improve your habits?

Are you a current client? If you need to revisit or set your goals, please reach back out to your counselor to set an appointment to discuss. If you don’t remember who your counselor is, please send us an email. 

Don’t yet have a counselor? Make an appointment now.

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